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INTIMACY and SEX –everyone wants it, no one likes to talk about it. Why? It’s the most natural thing we as humans do, and yet so many people have not had the chance to really enjoy it. But the good news that it’s never too late!!!

Now, to be very clear, I am not a sex therapist, but in my practice one of the most important things I discuss with my Divorce clients at some point is sex. Not surprisingly, they tell me that they have great difficulty attempting to imagine having sex with someone else if they have been in a long-term relationship. In these discussions, there are several aspects to this that often come to the surface very quickly. In their view, the major obstacles are that they are not happy with themselves physically, and are emotional about this, to the point where getting naked with another person is very intimidating and potentially embarrassing.


For this reason alone, recovering your desire for sex, and making yourself ready to find a new intimate partner is an important objective of our journey together at C2C. The work we do with you to inspire your motivation is through smart, effective work out exercises and providing you with advice and strategies to adopt a healthy, energizing and nutritious diet.

Over the 12 week program with C2C, we provide you personalized workouts that can be done at home without any equipment or having to join a gym. This ensures your privacy as you gain confidence in your physical transformation, without worrying or being self-conscious of your appearance. If I can help you get back into shape physically, studies show that emotional confidence will develop and at that point we can kick-start the talk about getting back into bed with someone new. Perhaps right now for you this is a thought that is rife with fear and trepidation, but no matter how scary these thoughts may be after your divorce, I am confident that we can get you to a physical place and state of mind where you can bounce back stronger than ever and find your next intimate partner with confidence.

While training with my clients, many of them will often happily comment to me “I actually am finally feeling good in a bathing suit”! This is a huge step forward, because when you are comfortable your own naked skin – that is where your fun can begin!

Many people find love later in life or second time around or as I like to say the start of your Chapter 2. The best part of starting over with another partner is you can do things differently. You know what you like and do not like, you may be willing to try something new with your next intimate partner. You will both need a strong emotional connection where you feel safe and secure together to explore and share this adventure. I read this quote the other day that made me smile “Make your 20 year old self proud and a little bit jealous.” Love knows no age limit and the things I know now I wish I knew before! Oh boy!!! Take a step and be open and communicate with your partner and explore a new intimate world together, and have the sex life you have always wanted.

Now if you are not ready for someone in your life yet then a trip to the sex shop is a great start. Also if you are too shy to go to a store – we live in an age where all this information is at our fingertips. Read about the different kinds of sex toys there are to play with and order one online and start exploring your desires! If you begin to learn about your own body and what brings you pleasure—how much fun is that when you get to share this with someone else one day. Especially in your new body we are going to create together in your Chapter 2.

Sex is the most intimate thing between a couple, a physical expression of love and desire that no one else in your lives gets to share with you. So try something new, life’s too short to not be happy and have the greatest sex ever! Second time around is the best!!! Wink wink wink  Tara

"I wish I had known you when I was going through my messy divorce. I just needed someone to tell me what to do, what to eat, to be my sounding board so I don’t exhaust my family and friends with all my problems."

About Tara

tara fulop conner smiling by the fenceTara Fulop Conner is a professional coach with over 20 years of experience in health and wellness and a background in competitive sports. Helping others set goals has been a life long passion for her.

Tara took her undergraduate degree at Mount Royal University and completed her post graduate studies in Executive Coaching at Victoria’s prestigious Royal Roads University. Her experience, education and passion for helping others have made her a highly respected and accredited/acclaimed/successful personal and executive coach. Tara brings a unique and holistic blend of intellectual and emotional coaching together with the importance of focused physical training that is targeted to equip her clients to thrive in their highly stressful situations.

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Tara has much to offer through her talents and experience as a coach and has created a program designed to deliver to her clients the benefits of exercise and health to manage stress and discover a zest for a better lifestyle. After personally navigating the difficult journey of divorce, Tara decided to use this foundation to develop a meaningful program designed to help ordinary people undergoing extraordinary circumstances. She created Chapter 2 Coach to work with the whole person, to help you heal from the inside out. This is not only the best way, but the only way, to develop your inner strengths to help you live the rest of your life in happiness and inner peace.

“I love seeing my clients transform into a new person, the one they only dreamed they could be; it’s why I’ve created Chapter 2 Coach: to help YOU find that next chapter of your life! With virtual models and online support available, I’m always accessible, no matter where you are. My passion and love for life is palpable and contagious. Let’s figure out where you want to be, and how you want to look and feel, and travel this journey together.”  Tara Fulop, November 2016.


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