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When navigating the minefield of divorce, everything you’ve worked for and everything you care about is up for grabs: your income, your home, custody of your children (if you have them), your sense of security and even your very identity. More hotly contested and drawn out divorce proceedings result in higher costs and greater emotional wreckage.

A Range of Studies Shows They're Less Stable on Their Own Than Women

We all know the stereotype: Men, bored by the constraints of monogamy and domesticity, heartlessly dump their girlfriends or leave their wives. While newly-single men enjoy the freedoms of bachelordom, their exes sob into a pint of ice cream.

INTIMACY and SEX –everyone wants it, no one likes to talk about it. Why? It’s the most natural thing we as humans do, and yet so many people have not had the chance to really enjoy it. But the good news that it’s never too late!!!

Now, to be very clear, I am not a sex therapist, but in my practice one of the most important things I discuss with my Divorce clients at some point is sex. Not surprisingly, they tell me that they have great difficulty attempting to imagine having sex with someone else if they have been in a long-term relationship. In these discussions, there are several aspects to this that often come to the surface very quickly. In their view, the major obstacles are that they are not happy with themselves physically, and are emotional about this, to the point where getting naked with another person is very intimidating and potentially embarrassing.

No two people experience a divorce the same way, but most can agree that it's an extremely painful and difficult situation, both mentally and physically. Though you'll be busy filling out legal paperwork with your attorney, it's essential to pay attention to your mind and body: Research shows that divorce can take a serious toll on everything from your sleep habits to your heart (no surprise there). Knowing about the following conditions will allow you to take charge of your health and do everything you can to prevent them from developing.  In this article, you will learn more about the serious side effects of separation including anxiety, drastic weight loss, metabolic changes, depression, and more.  A divorce coach can help you minimize these impacts and assist you in building a brighter future sooner!

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Source: Prevention Magazine online

I read an article about what you do and don’t put on your on-line dating profile this week -- which is an interesting topic of discussion I also have with a lot of my clients in my divorce coaching practice. As they get back out there in the dating world they wonder how much do I share with my on-line dating sites? What kind of pictures do I put up? Do I really write what height I prefer, bald or hair, fit and active and must love dogs and kids??? The answer to all those questions is YES!!!

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What is Divorce Coaching?

Many people ask me what is a divorce coach? Some people say your personal divorce coach can be your thinking partner, your sounding board, getting you thinking differently and helping you become the champion of your life again.

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I heard some one talking on the radio yesterday about taking a break with your heart after having gone through a break up or divorce. It really does make sense to take a heart break to heal and figure out who YOU are, what YOU want. Take some time for you. Discover what it’s like to be alone, quiet time to figure out what YOU want for YOUR future!

"I wish I had known you when I was going through my messy divorce. I just needed someone to tell me what to do, what to eat, to be my sounding board so I don’t exhaust my family and friends with all my problems."

About Tara

tara fulop conner smiling by the fenceTara Fulop Conner is a professional coach with over 20 years of experience in health and wellness and a background in competitive sports. Helping others set goals has been a life long passion for her.

Tara took her undergraduate degree at Mount Royal University and completed her post graduate studies in Executive Coaching at Victoria’s prestigious Royal Roads University. Her experience, education and passion for helping others have made her a highly respected and accredited/acclaimed/successful personal and executive coach. Tara brings a unique and holistic blend of intellectual and emotional coaching together with the importance of focused physical training that is targeted to equip her clients to thrive in their highly stressful situations.

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Tara has much to offer through her talents and experience as a coach and has created a program designed to deliver to her clients the benefits of exercise and health to manage stress and discover a zest for a better lifestyle. After personally navigating the difficult journey of divorce, Tara decided to use this foundation to develop a meaningful program designed to help ordinary people undergoing extraordinary circumstances. She created Chapter 2 Coach to work with the whole person, to help you heal from the inside out. This is not only the best way, but the only way, to develop your inner strengths to help you live the rest of your life in happiness and inner peace.

“I love seeing my clients transform into a new person, the one they only dreamed they could be; it’s why I’ve created Chapter 2 Coach: to help YOU find that next chapter of your life! With virtual models and online support available, I’m always accessible, no matter where you are. My passion and love for life is palpable and contagious. Let’s figure out where you want to be, and how you want to look and feel, and travel this journey together.”  Tara Fulop, November 2016.


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